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  Dogtooth & Yellowfin Tuna Fishing Package  

Favourites amongst modern big game anglers, due to its immense speed and power. Some of the best big Dogtooth and Yellowfin Tuna action in the Indian Ocean can be found around the Andaman Islands. We have consistently caught big Tuna here during the last seasons. Narcondam and Barren Islands, two volcanic Islands NE of Port Blair can produce top tuna action and very big fish are available here. Early morning or evening downrigger fishing with big Marauders or Yo-Zuri Bonita diving plugs produce spectacular hook-ups on stand up equipments. Jigging or chunking night time around these Island also produces fantastic action with big fish. We have also had fast Tuna trolling action around the large schools of Dolphin near the drop offs around the main Islands.




"The Creme de la Creme of Big-Game Fishing!"
The Andaman Islands lies 405 miles North West of Phuket, an archipelago of 329 islands belonging to India. After 50 years of virtual isolation from the outside world, the Indian government lifted its restricted access to the islands, and allowed limited environmentally friendly tourism development. It is only since 1993 that the Indian authorities have allowed scuba diving and sport?fishing. Commercial fishing is very light in most areas, which is one of the main reasons the waters of the Andaman Islands are "Teeming with fish." It is a vast area of almost 8,500 square kilometers, dotted with tropical islands and a submarine mountainous seascape providing an almost unlimited playground for game fish species and big-game fisherman. We pioneered the first fishing trips to this magical area 8 years ago, which gives us the upper hand when it comes to terms of experience and knowledge of the species, and also the best fishing grounds. Along the East and West coasts of Narcondam and Barren Islands there are drop-offs of 1000-2000 meters depth which attract huge Black and Blue Marlin, Broadbill Swordfish, Sailfish and a multitude of other highly sought after big-game species.

Pretty much all the main techniques can be employed here; trolling with or without down?riggers, bottom fishing with baits and jigs, popper-casting and fly?fishing either from the deck of the boat, the dingy or even from the rocks or beaches! Due to the extreme range of the Andaman Islands, it is imperative that the boat is properly equipped and in tip top condition, which "Reely Nauti" and Fish Eagle certainly are! A freshwater maker is essential, along with powerful reliable twin engines, the usual safety essentials; radio, satellite telephone, GPS (along with hand held back-up), life raft and jackets etc. To match the size of the fish, we have the heaviest best quality equipment available on board, including 2 sets of 80lbs and 2 sets of 130lbs rods matched with Shimano Tiagra reels, 2 sets of 50lbs, and 4 sets of 30lbs, again all matched with Shimano reels. Onboard we have jigging and popper casting equipment and a vast range of proven jigs, poppers, lures and jet?heads. If you intend to fly-fish, please bring along your own equipment and flies. One of our favorite species at the Andaman?s is the Dogtooth Tuna, a massively strong fish known to grow to almost 3 meters in length which is always prepared to play ball. Trolling, jigging, popper?casting bait fishing, you name it these toothy predators with their ravenous appetite will hit anything! Likewise the Giant Trevally which grows to frightening sizes will hit your poppers and jigs with such force, the shock will almost knock you off your feet!

Around the reefs and rocky areas other species susceptible to popper?casting are Coral Trout and Mangrove Jacks, the size of which sushi lovers would give their right arm for. Jigging and bottom fishing is unbelievable often producing a fish every time. Massive Groupers, Job Fish, Giant and Blue?fin Trevally, Barracuda, Barracouta, Dogtooth and also very large Yellowfin Tuna, not to mention the Sharks are all competing for the bait. Main Targets for trolling in the area are Marlin, Sailfish, Yellowfin and Dogtooth Tuna, Barracuda and Wahoo. On a trip to the Andamans, you can be picked up at Port Blair, or make the crossing with us. The crossing takes around 2 days/ 2 nights and can provide spectacular action with huge Black and Blue Marlin along with the other usual suspects that trolling attracts.




Andaman Islands

  Tuna Package Includes:  

- 5 days/4 nights fishing aboard Fish Eagle, one of Phukets top Charter boats during the last season.
- 2 night 3 star hotel accommodation with airport transfers in Port Blair.
- All meals on-board, soft drinks, mineral water, fruits
- All fishing tackle, Lures and bait.
- Pro Fishing guide assistance.
- Passenger Insurance.

  Package Price:  

1 angler to 4 anglers (same price as it is a private charter) 260.000 THB

We can also do longer package for those interested.

  Not Included:  
  Crew gratitude
Passenger tax 100 US$ per angler
International air tickets.
  Peak Season: mid February to end of April  
  What to bring:  

Sunglasses, sun block, fishing hat, light weight waterproof clothing.
Fishing shirts and shorts, towel, camera and a big smile!

Note! A tourist visa for India is needed to visit Andaman Islands.

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